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Run Tucson was created by Tia and Randy Accetta to make Tucson better through running.
We’ve become a production arm for charity-based running events in Tucson, Arizona, in partnership with the Southern Arizona Roadrunners and Meet Me Concepts.
Tucson’s only RRCA-certified race directing organization, Run Tucson is currently partnered with Tucson Medical Center, the Running Shop, the Arizona Daily Star, My 92.9, The Morning Blend, Cox Communications, Rincon Air Conditioning & Heating, Connect Coworking and other local companies and organizations.  
Run Tucson is also the umbrella for The Workout Group, Tucson’s longest-running coached training group – now in its 20th season of meeting every single Tuesday and Thursday night at Reid Park.
RRCA Certified Coaches Tim Bentley, Michelle Hawk, Doreen Davis, Gina Nelson, and Linnlee Sweeney help with our training programs.  Kerry (Goatographer) Whelan is our team photographer, while Linda Whelan keeps us on track all the way around!
Run Tucson, LLC is a proud supporter of the Southern Arizona Roadrunners, The Road Runner’s Club of America, and all of our local Tucson athletes.  In addition to Tucson, we have running friends across the country thanks to the RRCA. 

Run Tucson produces the biggest and most popular events Tucson as well as individualized coaching services, and sponsorship opportunities.

Where is Run Tucson Now?

US Trail Running Conference – October 12

US Trail Running Conference – October 12, 2017 Estes Park, Colorado. At the US #trailconference RRCA plug at a trail running conference?!? We’re all one big happy family. @runsar @rrcanational @trailrunnermag #hardrock100 #runtucson #runlocal #trailrunner #trailrunning @antiasimone

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5K Training Starts Now!

5K Training Starts Now! 9 Workouts for the TMC Meet Me Downtown Night Run,5K The following workouts will progress from shorter intervals of effort to longer intervals with the goal of maintaining a similar speed for longer and longer distances.  There will be 9 workouts total (one a week) from now until the TMC Meet

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Workout of the Week – January 12, 2018

Workout of the Week – January 12, 2018 Workouts:Always get in at least a 10-minute warm-up & cool down run before and after a workout.  If it’s colder or if you’ve been sitting all day, you need to do more to get your muscles warm before stressing them.  Dynamic stretches and strides will help. Sample Workout:

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A New Season of WOG

A New Season of WOG It’s 2018 and we are back at the track!  Come visit us at Reid Park on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 6 PM for a workout.

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3 days ago

Run Tucson

Here are 300 or so images from our day at the Tucson 10K (and 5K), both beautifully hilly runs in the beautiful foothills of the Tucson Mountains. I (GOATographer) don't often post a ~300 photo set to Facebook, but there were quite a few of you out there running and, frankly, my hat is off to all of you for conquering such challenging courses on a hot day ...and doing so with amazing aplomb. I hope you like what you find here!

I seek a favor to help get this Run Tucson page up closer (or beyond!) 1000 "Likes". Facebook has gotten tricky lately with how they distribute posts and your "Likes" are especially important. So, if you enjoy and want to tag and/or share one or more of these photos, please make sure you're also a follower of Run Tucson. It won't cost you anything and you'll stay up on RunTucson events and specials. A bit more self-servingly, the same goes for GOATographer, which also remains under 1000 "Likes" after probably over 150,000 local running photos taken over the years. Lastly, you would be silly not to be following Southern Arizona Roadrunners as well, though I presume you already do so.

These images and more (I took more than a thousand more) will ultimately be uploaded to my archive/gallery at You know the drill... should you wish, you can share images to FB from there if they didn't make this set. You can also conveniently buy prints/high resolution downloads/etc. Better yet though, contact me at the email below to barter high resolution photo downloads for your donation to a local charity organization that we can mutually agree on.

The fine print: These images are for your personal enjoyment. Please share and tag them so that your friends, loved ones and relatives (even if you're still not entirely certain about them) can enjoy them. If you repost them elsewhere, I ask that attribution to "GOATographer" and/or "RunTucson" be mentioned if it is cropped off the image. Please don't attribute them to "Kerry Whelan", because that guy is a bit of a rascal. Anyhow, the tag helps others find my photos and it's the right thing to do. No commercial use (including running club or sponsor - other than my friends at Run Tucson and The Workout Group) is licensed without first contacting me at That same address works if you have other questions, or you wish me to hunt for a certain awesome individual who was missing from this FB posted album. BTW - This post's magic word for the first few dedicated readers is "Achievement". I wonder what the prize is?
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