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Hello to the Run Tucson community!
To start 2023, we want to introduce you to Ross Zimmerman, a long-time Tucson runner and community leader.
Below, you’ll find his Runner Profile Q&A. Below that you’ll see a listing of this coming week’s free BEYOND-Tucson health and wellness events, and then a calendar of upcoming regional events.
Ross helped found the Tucson Trail Runners, commonly known as TTR. With long-time friend Gene Joseph, Ross picked up from founder Ken Young and Bob Deeran’s TTR efforts, and helped manage TTR for over 25 years.
Ross was a pretty talented runner back in the day, doing the Bear Canyon trail loop in under 2 hours, a very impressive achievement. In addition to other activities, he currently runs, hikes, bikes, and elliptigoes regularly.
Following the passing of his son, Gabe, Ross helped found BEYOND-Tucson, now a well-known non-profit devoted to . . . (read more here)

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