TMC MMD 5k & 1 Mile Training: Week 2

Welcome to week 2!  I really like to use the “introduce, improve, perfect” training model.  This means you will see 3 similar effort sessions 3 weeks in a row.  This gives you the opportunity to feel progress.  First and foremost, your runs should start to feel easier, if not faster.  Second, you’ll get more comfortable … Read more

Running in our COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

Running and Fitness During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis: Everything to Know for Runners and Walkers Randy Accetta, Tia Accetta, and the RRCA March 26, 2020   TABLE OF CONTENTS ·      CDC Advice and Public Health Overview ·      What Experts Say About Exercise and Immune Health ·      Training Advice for Runners ·      Eating Well and … Read more

March 15: Advice for Runners During our Public Health Crisis

See what we have written for the national RRCA community here: Runners are optimistic by nature, but it’s hard to super optimistic in the face of the current public health crisis of coronavirus and COVID-19.  As an athlete, you may be feeling a little down, a bit stressed, and a lot unmotivated. As a … Read more

US Trail Running Conference – October 12

US Trail Running Conference – October 12, 2017 Estes Park, Colorado. At the US #trailconference RRCA plug at a trail running conference?!? We’re all one big happy family. @runsar @rrcanational @trailrunnermag #hardrock100 #runtucson #runlocal #trailrunner #trailrunning @antiasimone

Houston – Memorial Park

  Run Tucson in Houston – Memorial Park Love these trails #whereisruntucsonnow #trailrunning #houstonareatrailrunners @houstonareatrailrunners @runsar @rrcanational #itsearly #runtucson #runlocal @runracepace @therunningshopaz @goatographer_

Why Group Training?

Why Group Training? After college I was terrified that I wouldn’t run if no one was expecting me to. I’d spent 4 years running for a division 1 school where I did everything my coach told me to do. Thankfully, I did keep running even without having my workouts posted on a bulletin board. It … Read more

48th TMC Saguaro National Park Labor Day Run

48th TMC Saguaro National Park Labor Day Run Race info and registration: Sign up here for the challenging course in the iconic Saguaro National Park, with prize money, age group awards, and a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Capped at 750 overall participants.  For all the race details, please visit our friends at the Southern Arizona … Read more

Tucson 10k Training: Start Now!

Tucson 10k Training: Start Now! Phase 1: Getting your groove on. Start here if you need to spend a few weeks making running part of your regular schedule. The more consistent your running is, the easier it will be to build and add intensity.  In this phase, the important thing is getting out the door. … Read more

Summer in Tucson: What to do to get in shape

Summer in Tucson: What to do to get in shape It’s about 5,000 degrees outside in the Old Pueblo, with eggs frying on the sidewalk and eyelids sticking to eyeballs – not a great time to be a distance runner.  The heat in Tucson will make it hard to run a lot – your average … Read more