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Blast from the Past: Runner’s World advice featuring Accetta and Wenneborg

We were searching for last month’s Runner’s World advice on the 10k featuring our own Randy Accetta, and instead found this 2016 Runner’s World article on how to use three-week cycles to improve your running, with expert advice from Randy and long-time friend and training partner Greg Wenneborg (of Roadrunner Race Timing).

The first time you do a workout, you face a number of challenges, from understanding the logistics to knowing your body’s limits. The second time, you start to hit your groove. By the third, your mind and body know what to expect – and you’re ready to crush it. ‘You’ve put yourself in an uncomfortable situation three times in a row, and now you’ve got a handle on it,’ says running coach Randy Accetta. That’s the theory behind Introduce, Improve, Perfect, or IIP – the term for three-week training cycles coined by Accetta and Greg Wenneborg, head coach at Pima Community College, in Tucson, Arizona, US.

It takes your body about three weeks to adapt to a training stress. ‘Beyond that, you get diminishing returns from that workout,’ says Wenneborg. So repeating similar hard workouts three times maximises the benefits – such as speed, stamina or endurance – you reap from each one before you move on.

What’s more, IIP – which Accetta pronounces to rhyme with ‘deep’ – offers a huge boost in confidence. Making minor upgrades each week clearly demonstrates your progress. Here’s how to
 apply IIP strategies to three common types of workout.  Click here for the full article…

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