Run, Eat, Repeat Retreat

This September we held a retreat for our local team, The Workout Group.  We’ve wanted to do this for ages but between putting on races, racing and traveling it’s been tricky to find a weekend.  For this retreat we settled on a Sunday morning and it was lovely!

Our goal as facilitators was to get to know these runners better and find out what makes them excited about running.  From there, we began the conversation about how to “intentionalize” training plans to fit their goals and why that looks a little different for everyone.  We barely scratched the surface in 4 hours but it felt like a productive and inspiring morning nonetheless.  

Some of the high lights of the morning included a trail-to-road run through the lovely desert lined hills on Via Entrada.  Before and after our run, Jessica Rushton (2:43 marathoner) showed us the activation and stretching routines she does daily to prevent injuries and soreness during intense training cycles.  Local Tucson and WOG runner, Abby Nastase, shared her favorite post-run, protein packed recipes with us using fresh veggies from her garden.  My personal favorite is the sweet potato bowls- yum!

We’d love to host a weekend camp here in Tucson.  If you are interested in learning more or have ideas for this, please contact me,