WOG Workout for the Week of March 25

Tuesday Speed Workout (on your own) The Middle WorkoutBy distance:1 Mile @ Tempo pace + 800 easy +2 x 800 @ 10K pace + 400 easy after each + 1 Mile @ Tempo pace.or… By time:8 min. @ Tempo + 4 min. easy +2 x 4 min. @ 10K + 2 min. easy after each + 8 … Read more

5K Training Starts Now!

Workouts for the TMC Meet Me Downtown 5K Night Run The following workouts will progress from shorter intervals of effort to longer intervals with the goal of maintaining a faster running pace for longer amounts of time.  Here are 8 workouts, one for each week before the TMC Meet Me Downtown 5K on Saturday night, … Read more

Workout of the Week – January 12, 2018

Workout of the Week – January 12, 2018 Workouts:Always get in at least a 10-minute warm-up & cool down run before and after a workout.  If it’s colder or if you’ve been sitting all day, you need to do more to get your muscles warm before stressing them.  Dynamic stretches and strides will help. Sample Workout: … Read more