Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy

Dear Runners,

At Run Tucson we follow a strict rule that running should improve your life and your community. Above all, running needs to bring more joy than sorrow, more strength than weakness, more focus than distraction, more self-confidence than doubt, and more inspiration to be the best version of yourself.

Our job at Run Tucson is to create healthy and vibrant running programs that use best practices and adapt them to fit our athlete’s specific needs. Not only do we draw on current research in the sport, but on our own years of experience as competitive athletes. We’ve had the honor of running for and with a variety of knowledgeable coaches and mentors and insert their nuggets of wisdom into our own coaching whenever possible. One of our favorites is from Jeff Galloway who said, “do what the great people do at your ability.”

In Randy’s role as the director of coaching education for the Roadrunners Club of America (RRCA), he vividly depicts his experiences as a collegiate and professional runner to demonstrate the many paths you can take in the pursuit of leg speed.

There are many paths! We’ll help you find yours.

Randy and Tia Accetta