Fall 2020 Training Starting Soon!

Solo training with online group support.

This program offers the most direct and comprehensive coaching.  You and coach Tia Accetta will discuss your goals and create a plan starting at your current fitness level and building to your peak performance goal.  You will have weekly online communication with your coach through the Training Peaks App. and bi-weekly communication with others in the program through Zoom.  During the group sessions you will have a chance to share experiences, ask questions, and discuss hot training topics.  This is a great program for anyone wanting to set personal records in race distances, train for new race distances, or generally want to push through comfort zones.  

Coaching Fees:  The first call/consultation is free.  After that, it’s $50/month.      

Group training with team support.

The Workout Group (WOG) is more focused on building camaraderie through hard work than running personal bests, but they usually end up going hand in hand.  Running with others is a fun way to challenge yourself.  We believe that friendly competition is the best training tool and a healthy outlet.  Unfortunately, our workout sessions will be a little less social this fall as we protect our community from the corona virus.  We will be required to wear face coverings (masks or buffs) whenever we are standing around or running in tight groups.  Face coverings can be removed or pulled down once the workout starts and runners spread out.  We recommend not hanging out after the workout is over, unless you are willing to keep masks on.  In addition to using masks, we are also adding locations (north, east, central and west) to help reduce the size of the groups.  Click here to see the WOG schedule for the fall 2020 season.

Coaching fees: $50/ semeseter (August-December & January-May).

Bubble training with running buddy support.

Do you have a training bubble you’ve been running with?  Coach Tia is offering Bubble Training Plans for groups of 2-3 training partners who want to work together towards a common goal.  This level of coaching falls in between the solo program and group training.  Your training pod will get a comprehensive plan that takes the strengths and weaknesses of each runner into account.  The result is a well rounded program for  all and built in buddy support.

Coaching fees: The first group consultation (Zoom call) is free. After that it’s $20/month per runner.  

Contact Tia Accetta if you have questions about our 2020 training programs.

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