Final Details for All Runners and Walkers at Grand Canyon Trail Half Marathon and 5k

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Hello to the folks who have registered for the November 6th Grand Canyon Trail Half Marathon and 5k. We want you to have a great weekend at the Grand Canyon, so please snag a comfortable chair, grab a root beer, and take some time to read through everything below.
Table of Contents
  • Weekend Schedule
  • Pancakes & Beer, Timing, Bathrooms, Dogs, & more
  • Race Prep: Course Safety, Eating, and Hydration
  • Photos & Social Media
  • Prize Money, Age Group Awards, RRCA State Championship
  • Course Overview
  • Public Health Protocols
  • Weather & What to Pack
  • 1 New Map & More
  • What to Do and Where to Stay
The Grand Canyon Trail Half Marathon is a joint partnership between the local members of the Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce and Run Tucson, a family-owned running and coaching company in Tucson, Arizona. Special thanks to the folks from the Kaibab National Forest, the town of Tusayan, and the Grand Canyon Chamber for helping prepare for the event.
Check with local merchants as many are offering special pricing to race registrants. Special thanks to ​the Red Feather Lodge for providing 15% discounts and to ​Buck Wild Hummer for providing a 20% discount to runners — ​their tours are fabulous!
Now, about you, by the numbers:
  • 443 total registrants, with 279 running the half marathon and 108 in the 5k
  • 709 dollars in donations to Chamber programming and the Food Pantry have been made by participants
  • 122 registrants are between 30-39 years old (the most popular age group), while the oldest registrant is 76 and the youngest is just 8
  • 66% percent female — which is kind of cool because women are often underrepresented in trail races
  • 40 volunteers helping out
  • 35 states are represented, including Alaska and Vermont as the farthest away states
  • 29 Deferring Runners — following your wishes, we’ve moved 29 of you to the 2022 race — keep an eye out for an email next year that looks like this one!
  • 27 Virtual Runners — keep an eye on the mail to receive your race packet this coming week
  • 4 other nations are represented: Canada, Mexico, Latvia (5501 miles away), and Australia (8005 miles away)
OK — that should be enough for now. Read on…

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