How to find a running coach or training group

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Here’s how it begins:

I’ve spent a decade traveling the country teaching high demand RRCA Run Coaching Certification courses and I’ve talked to over 10,000 coaches. I’ve learned that there are about a thousand reasons people want to hire a running coach or run with a running group.
Common reasons to find a running group
  • In a rut and wanting accountability and/or company
  • Brand new to the sport and want to gain confidence
  • Coming back to the sport after a break and want to re-gain confidence
  • Need some outside inspiration/ training for a destination race
  • Accomplishing a personal best time for a specific distance
  • Supporting a charity/ a family member/ a friend
  • Learning about sports psychology, nutrition, injury management and other topics
  • Simply the desire to change things up
If you’re interested in joining a group or getting a coach, you may first want to clarify your own training priorities, then compare some of the basic logistics such as run locations, meeting times, pricing, pacing, training goals of other attendees, and whether or not you’re interested in working with certified coaches or just looking for some training buddies (or both).
Where to go
Whatever your motivation, the Tucson area is blessed with smart, kind, and experienced running leadership. Below, we explain more about our own training group, The Workout Group.
If what we do doesn’t work for you, you may enjoy reading about a couple other coached training programs, such as SWET and Fleet Feet. For more information on Tucson area groups, such as Team Hoyt, Achilles International, 520 Run and Ride, ComeRun, Tucson Trail Runners and more, you can check out the Southern Arizona Roadrunners group page at or contact us.
For those outside Tucson, we can help you get in touch with RRCA certified coaches in any part of the country — track us down and we’ll hook you up!
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PS: Calendar Update
Thanks for all the suggestions for our recently published regional running calendar. You can bookmark the updated calendar here:
You can also click here to download & print an updated calendar.

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