Run Tucson

Individualized Coaching

Individualized Coaching

How It Works

You celebrate the energy and excitement that comes from the pursuit of running your best.

  • You determine your training and racing goals
  • Tia creates a plan to help you achieve your goals
  • You and Tia set up your training schedule 
  • You meet training friends
  • You challenge and test yourself
  • You learn and grow

Coaching Prices & Packages:

Run because you can!

Free initial email consultation & 30 minute phone call.

5k/10k Training Plan:  $50

10 week training plan with essential workouts for running a strong 5k or 10k.

Half Marathon Plan:  $100

14-16 week training plan with essential workouts for competing well in a half marathon.

Marathon Plan: $150

18-22 week training plan with essential workouts for competiing well in a marathon.

Coaching$50 per month

Daily monitoring of training schedule using Training Peaks, weekly email/text check-in & feedback, and monthly phone conversations.

Group Training Session:  $50

Grab your friends, family, or co-workers and spend an exhilerating hour getting sweaty!  This session can be tailored to fit your needs but the standard format is:

  • Warm-up
  • dynamic stretching
  • form drills
  • workout
  • cool down
  • Stretch & strength 

The Workout Group:  $150 (10 months)/ $85 per semester (5 months)/ $20 per month

Tuesday & Thursday night workouts, group and individual support, safe running environment, form drills, core/strength routines, weekly emails, workout tips and strategies, lots of fun!   

Tia Accetta is a 2:48 marathoner, a wife, a mother to two children, and an RRCA certified running coach. If you are interested in following a personalized running plan towards a peak performance, contact Tia at tia (at) runtucson (dot) net

Working with Tia you will learn about the sport of competitive running. She will engage you in discussions about your training, encourage you to ask questions about the process, and challenge you to push beyond your comfort zone.