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Hair of the Dog New Year’s Day 8K & 1 Mile Doggie Dash.  January 1, 2020.     Register here.


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Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Hill?

Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Hill? Hills will make you stronger. For the most part, you don’t need to run fast uphill to get stronger, especially when you’re just starting to train. Start out by including hills in some of your runs or walks a couple times a week to let your hips, glutes,

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Why Group Training?

Why Group Training? After college I was terrified that I wouldn’t run if no one was expecting me to. I’d spent 4 years running for a division 1 school where I did everything my coach told me to do. Thankfully, I did keep running even without having my workouts posted on a bulletin board. It

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48th TMC Saguaro National Park Labor Day Run

48th TMC Saguaro National Park Labor Day Run Race info and registration: Sign up here for the challenging course in the iconic Saguaro National Park, with prize money, age group awards, and a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Capped at 750 overall participants.  For all the race details, please visit our friends at the Southern Arizona

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Tucson 10k Training: Start Now!

Tucson 10k Training: Start Now! Phase 1: Getting your groove on. Start here if you need to spend a few weeks making running part of your regular schedule. The more consistent your running is, the easier it will be to build and add intensity.  In this phase, the important thing is getting out the door.

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