Our Principles, Updated May 2021

Emerson closes Self-Reliance with this:
“Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.”
A life of running has provided us with 10 principles and beliefs that enable us to help build a stronger community.
At its root, we believe that running is a solitary pursuit that brings people together.
We believe in using the sport of running to bring of all kinds of people together, to use sport to raise the human spirit.
Thus, we believe in cheering for everybody and sharing in joy, regardless of ability, of color, of gender, of political persuasion.
We believe in the sanctity of the outdoors, in clean air, clean water, and the value of available public lands.
Thus, we believe that climate change must be addressed. Now.
We believe that physical health is a human right.
Thus, we believe in affordable and equitable health care, regardless of pre-existing conditions and economic status.
We believe that ethics and honesty matter.
Thus, we believe it is wrong to lie and we believe in honoring the rules and telling the truth.
We believe that all bodies matter.
Thus, we do not mock people for having a different body type. We do not intentionally penalize or hurt those with a different color of skin or a different gender or a different sexual identity or a different religion.
We believe COVID continues to be a global existential crisis.
Thus, we are willing to get vaccinated, and continue to support those in health jeopardy by following best practices for community safety.
We believe in the value of an educated citizenry.
Thus, we believe that a high-quality education is a human right, and that shared facts can guide personal values and collective choices.
We believe in the value of diversity.
Thus, we believe in honoring the beliefs and values of others.
In the end, we believe in an even starting line, where everybody is given the same opportunity to run their best race, to challenge themselves against the terrain, the clock, the weather, and their competitors.
Thus, we believe it is wrong to use systems and power to hinder someone’s forward motion. And we commit to helping create a world where all are honored, all are provided equal opportunity, and all are treated with kindness, respect, and dignity.

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