Race Report for TMC Get Moving Tucson at the Biosphere!

Check out the full race report here.

1) Check out Damion Alexander’s race video here (with music by race band Shrimp Chaperone) and check out 300+ photos from Damion at this FB page here. (Unless otherwise noted the photos in this race report are from Damion.)
2) Results, Awards, and Schwag Pickup at The Running Shop: If you did not yet get your race schwag, come to The Running Shop by mid-November and snag your goodies on a first-come, first-served basis, at 3055 North Campbell during regular business hours (there are only about 30 race medals and a handful of v-neck shirts in XL and XXL available).
Check the new SAR race results page here for updated race results. If you earned an age-group award that you have not received, gift cards will be at The Running Shop for another few weeks, so swing by 3055 North Campbell to pick up your award. We will mail cash-on-the-barrelhead checks to the top finishers, so if you were top three in the TMC 15k, keep an eye on your mailbox in the coming week.
3) Best wishes to SAR President Caroline Gardiner: Caroline showed up at 5:30 am to volunteer on race day — then had the misfortune of tripping and breaking her arm and spending Sunday and Monday at the hospital. Please join us in sending her best wishes for a speedy recovery!
4) Thanks Bio2! We are grateful to the whole crew at the world-class science facility, the Biosphere 2. John Adams and his team are world-class hosts! The Biosphere 2 has become a great friend of the running community — our next event at the Bio2 will be the TMC Earth Day 5k in April, 2023.
OK — read on here. As a special prize for reading everything, way below is the coupon code for our next race . . . .

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