Saguaro National Park Labor Day Race Participant Roster and News

Here’s the pre-race email to all participants in the Saguaro National Park Labor Day 8-Miler and 5k

Check below for a roster of participants.

Saguaro National Park Race Route Maps

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Saturday, September 3, Packet Pickup at The Running Shop, 3055 North Campbell
10:00 am – 1:00 pm Shirt and race number pickup + last-minute registration
YES: all shirts available on first-come, first-served basis. V-neck and crew cut available.
YES: people can register in person, cash and check only.
YES: you can pick up shirts and numbers for a few friends and family.
YES: it may be crowded, so be gracious to others in line, the volunteers, and the folks working at the Running Shop.
YES: The Running Shop is holding their Annual Labor Day Sale, so their great staff will be on hand to fit you in the perfect running shoe and help you find all sorts of running goodies.
Monday, September 5, Saguaro National Park East, 3693 S. Old Spanish Trail Road.
5:00 am – 6:00 am: Packet pickup in front of Visitor Center, shirts available on first-come, first-served basis.
YES: all shirts available on first-come, first-served basis. V-neck and crew cut available.
NO: there is NO race day registration
YES: you can pick up shirts and numbers for a few friends and family
5:30 am: 8-Miler rolling start begins. All 8-milers can begin, starting at 5:30 with all times “Chip Timed”
  • Chip Time means that your time official begins when you cross the start-line mat and that your official time ends when you cross the finish-line mat.
  • Early start, make sure you check in with Greg and the crew at Roadrunner Race Timing.
  • If you will take more than 2 hours, please use the early start option.
  • Make sure your race number is pinned to the front of your shirt. Please bring your own water.
  • Early starters, please be sure to provide room on the road so that people can pass you.
  • Note: age group awards will be awarded based on chip-time, so all rolling-start participants will be eligible for age group awards.
6:30 am: 8-Miler Prize Money starting line, Gun Time
  • “Gun Time” means that you are timed based on a single starting time, marked by the so-called starter’s start — in this case, at precisely 6:30 am.
  • Prize money and overall winner awards will be based on “gun time” starting at 6:30 am.
  • Thus, if you want to earn prize money (including course records or the Race Director Challenge), you must start at 6:30 am.
  • Headphones are not allowed for prize money athletes.
  • Note 8-mile start line closes at 6:30 am so that the 5k can start at 6:35 am
6:35 am: 5k start at 6:35, start line closes at 6:40. All 5k awards are chip-timed.
7:00 am: Visitor Center Opens
8:00 am: Course Closure Rules: Due to public safety concerns, all 8-mile participants must be past the 5-mile mark by 8:00 am.
8:30 am: Awards begin approximately 8:30, with results posted to www.roadrunnerracetiming on race morning, then on late in the day.
9:00 am: All athletes on the course at 9:00 am will be disqualified and will not receive a finishing time. Again, for public safety, the National Park Service reserves the right to pick up any trailing athletes.
9:30 am: Event closes, Park opens to all
Participant nameAgeGenderEvent
A McConnell, Natalie46FEMALE8-miler
Abbott, Abbott61MALE8-miler
Abram, Scott46MALE8-miler
Ackerman, Skip71MALE8-miler
Alapizco, Christian32MALE8-miler
Alcombright, Daniel60MALE8-miler
Alcombright, Nancy62FEMALE5k
Alcombright, Nicole34FEMALE8-miler
Ali, Lydian37MALE5k
Allen, Delma52FEMALE8-miler
Alvarez, Justin47MALE8-miler
Anderson, Kathryn46FEMALE5k
Argraves, Christian35MALE8-miler
Babson-Gulotta, Anne59FEMALE8-miler
Badillo, Bailey29FEMALE8-miler
Bailen, Mark53MALE8-miler
Bailey McCracken, Christen44FEMALE8-miler
Bains, Isabella`28FEMALE8-miler
Baker-McNally, Marcia53FEMALE8-miler
Baladad, Rita50FEMALE8-miler
Ball, Brandon45MALE8-miler
Barker, Noah35MALE5k
Barlow, Kathy66FEMALE8-miler
Barrett, Annie53FEMALE8-miler
Barron, Robert76MALE5k
Bartz, Ryan40MALE8-miler
Bautista, Matthew42MALE8-miler
Baylor, Adam34MALE8-miler
Berco, Peter34MALE8-miler
Berkeley, Ed71MALE8-miler
Bissmeyer, Ella12FEMALE5k
Bissmeyer, Sharyn41FEMALE5k
bodanyi, victoria37FEMALE8-miler
Boek, Denise60FEMALE5k
Bonilla, Dennis63MALE8-miler
Bonilla, Giselle40FEMALE5k
Boone, Dominic0MALE5k
Borland, Keith37MALE8-miler
Bosquez Trejos, Ana Gabriela23FEMALE8-miler
Boyce, Colleen46FEMALE8-miler
Brady, Darlene71FEMALE8-miler
Brandt, Sam31MALE8-miler
Brannock, Heather38FEMALE8-miler
Breen, Jessica42FEMALE8-miler
Brenton, Caitlin27FEMALE5k
Briones, Alec69MALE8-miler
Brott, Emiel Martin44FEMALE8-miler
Brown, Jeremy39MALE8-miler
brown, morris58MALE8-miler
Broyles, Bob53MALE8-miler
Buckingham, Jocelyn42FEMALE8-miler
Buckner, Julie38FEMALE8-miler
Burgess, Adam28MALE8-miler
Buttrick, Andrea46FEMALE5k
Callery, James72MALE5k
Campbell, Geoffrey45MALE8-miler
Campbell, Maccailein17MALE8-miler
Campbell, Vaughan17MALE8-miler
Canacakos, Laurie66FEMALE8-miler
Carroll, Jarek31MALE8-miler
Carter, Amanda36FEMALE8-miler
Case, Adam46MALE8-miler
Case, Jessica40FEMALE8-miler
Catton, Carla53FEMALE8-miler
Caywood, Elisha39FEMALE8-miler
Cervantes, Erika38FEMALE5k
Chadaz, Tyson43MALE8-miler
Chandler, Abby13FEMALE5k
Chandler, Kathy46FEMALE5k
Chavez, David48MALE8-miler
Chavez, David36MALE8-miler
Clark, Emily31FEMALE8-miler
Cobb, Kim47FEMALE8-miler
Cochran, Nicole43FEMALE5k
Cokeley, Howard72MALE5k
Cole, Amy38FEMALE8-miler
Cole, Diana47FEMALE8-miler
Collins, Jason45MALE8-miler
Collins, Scott58MALE5k
Conder, Mona49FEMALE5k
Conrad, Kaitlin39FEMALE8-miler
Corey, Elizabeth27FEMALE8-miler
Cormode, Daniel47MALE8-miler
Cornejo-Lopez, Christine47FEMALE8-miler
Cornelius, Curtis44MALE8-miler
Cottam, Christina28FEMALE8-miler
Crow, Claire59FEMALE5k
Cuen, Yanira38FEMALE5k
Curran, Jim62MALE8-miler
Danielson, John59MALE5k
Danielson, Quentin22MALE5k
daugherty, laura36FEMALE8-miler
Davidson, Stephen30MALE8-miler
Dean, Rachel22FEMALE8-miler
del Bosque, Raul36MALE8-miler
Delgado, Jose39MALE8-miler
Deloria, Laura43FEMALE8-miler
Diamond, Patricia70FEMALE8-miler
Dick, Kelley40FEMALE8-miler
Diehl, Joseph70MALE5k
Diehl, Susan70FEMALE5k
Dietrich, Sara30FEMALE8-miler
Dietrich, Zachary33MALE8-miler
Dixon, Dave52MALE8-miler
Dobbs, William52MALE8-miler
Dolence, Sue47FEMALE8-miler
Donahue, Chris62MALE8-miler
Doyle, Sean60MALE8-miler
Dreher, Esther39FEMALE8-miler
Dugan, LindaFEMALE5k
Dujmic, Brandy38FEMALE8-miler
Dujmic, Dinko38MALE8-miler
Dumo, Amy45FEMALE5k
Dumo, Jason50MALE8-miler
Dumo, Phoebe8FEMALE5k
Dumon, Susan44FEMALE8-miler
durando, shahed43FEMALE8-miler
Durazo, Monica66FEMALE8-miler
Eiff, Katherine53FEMALE5k
eiff, ralph82MALE5k
Elliott, Dustyn45MALE8-miler
Engel, Kirsten60FEMALE5k
Erbe, Robert54MALE8-miler
Esposito, Michelle32FEMALE8-miler
Evans, Bethany34FEMALE8-miler
Everett, Martha45FEMALE8-miler
Fallon, Elizabeth40FEMALE8-miler
Faulk, Joe59MALE8-miler
Favela, Aracely50FEMALE8-miler
Felde, SherylFEMALE8-miler
Feldhausen, Evan37MALE8-miler
Fergerson, Andrea55FEMALE8-miler
Fern, Sharon55FEMALE8-miler
Fernandez, Kim63FEMALE8-miler
Fernandez, Kristina46FEMALE8-miler
Fieg, Sandra43FEMALE5k
fiel, christopher34MALE8-miler
Figueroa, Luis68MALE8-miler
Fink, Deborah64FEMALE8-miler
Fink, Mark63MALE8-miler
Fink, Robert58MALE8-miler
Fitzharris, Kristin37FEMALE8-miler
Fitzsimmons, Georgia54FEMALE5k
Flagg, Andy42MALE8-miler
Flannery, Dale61FEMALE5k
Fleck, James36MALE8-miler
flewelling, clare32FEMALE8-miler
forsyth, keith64MALE8-miler
Foutch, Tyler34MALE8-miler
Franklin, Clifford17MALE8-miler
Franklin, Pam60FEMALE5k
Freeland, Joey40MALE8-miler
Frostrom, Gregg47MALE8-miler
Gadziala, Pamela53FEMALE5k
Gallego, Steve53MALE5k
Gallery, Rachel46FEMALE8-miler
Gamas, Victor24MALE5k
Gardner, Christa52FEMALE8-miler
Garey, Corrine45FEMALE8-miler
Garn, Nile55FEMALE8-miler
Garn, Richard61MALE8-miler
Gastelum, Melody42FEMALE8-miler
Gengler, John22MALE8-miler
Giacalone, Brianna30FEMALE5k
Ginster, Ursula60FEMALE8-miler
Glisson, Wendi55FEMALE8-miler
Glover, Tanya71FEMALE8-miler
golden, glenda74FEMALE5k
Golden, Pamela67FEMALE8-miler
golden, richard75MALE5k
Gonzales, Alannah32FEMALE5k
Gonzales, Sara42FEMALE5k
Gonzalez, Rodrigo34MALE8-miler
Gossell, Evan35MALE8-miler
Graeme, Lisa58FEMALE5k
Grauer, Evan38MALE5k
Green, Randy61MALE8-miler
Greer, Gracie25FEMALE8-miler
Grigera, Sofia41FEMALE8-miler
Gross, Laura58FEMALE8-miler
Gross, Timothy65MALE8-miler
Gross, Timothy S65MALE5k
Gruff, Nigel50MALE8-miler
Gupta, Monica45FEMALE8-miler
Guthrie, Amanda31FEMALE8-miler
Guthrie, Steven48MALE8-miler
Hamilton, Siobhan38FEMALE8-miler
Hamman, Augustus XI46FEMALE8-miler
Hammond, Jacqueline39FEMALE8-miler
hannibal, frank60MALE8-miler
Hans, Claire35FEMALE8-miler
Hansen-Collins, Wendy52FEMALE5k
Hansen, Diane53FEMALE8-miler
Hansen, Kris70FEMALE5k
Hargis, Garrett24MALE8-miler
Harris, Angela41MALE5k
Hassman, Conner33MALE8-miler
Hauff, Joel52MALE8-miler
Heaberlin, Douglas68MALE8-miler
Hebb, Jennifer40FEMALE8-miler
Herder, Katherine28FEMALE8-miler
Herndon, James62MALE8-miler
Hester, Dulon85MALE5k
Hinman, Zach40MALE8-miler
Hoeflinger, Mya43FEMALE8-miler
Hoekstra, Kraig37MALE8-miler
Hoft, Helen25FEMALE8-miler
Hogains, Rachel31FEMALE8-miler
Holland, Janet63FEMALE8-miler
Hollister, James25MALE8-miler
Honda, Kathryn61FEMALE5k
Honeker, Linnea42FEMALE8-miler
Horner, Emily41FEMALE8-miler
Hostetler, Junie71FEMALE8-miler
Hourt, Greg66MALE8-miler
Howard, Robert64MALE8-miler
Howard, Shari58FEMALE8-miler
Hurst, Addison26MALE8-miler
Huskey, Kristine55FEMALE8-miler
Ince, Jan67FEMALE8-miler
Irish, Jim57MALE8-miler
Iselborn, Abby33FEMALE8-miler
Jackson, Ben26MALE8-miler
Jacobson, Tina36FEMALE5k
Jarrell, Alicia33FEMALE8-miler
Jensen, Christie55FEMALE5k
Jensen, Debbie63FEMALE8-miler
Jensen, Soren22MALE8-miler
Jepson, Jennifer53FEMALE5k
Jepson, Thomas54MALE5k
johns, kenneth64MALE5k
Johnson, Beka27FEMALE8-miler
Johnson, Joel27MALE8-miler
Johnson, Michael70MALE5k
Jones, Ami21FEMALE8-miler
Jones, Bob59MALE8-miler
Jones, Debby61FEMALE8-miler
Kaimal, Gayatri17FEMALE8-miler
Kartchner, Derek41MALE8-miler
Kaur, Tara36FEMALE8-miler
Kaye, Laurence61MALE8-miler
Kazantzis, Xochiquetzal49FEMALE8-miler
Kelley, Colleen56FEMALE8-miler
Kelsey Nicklaw, Patti36FEMALE5k
Kembitzky, Alex32MALE8-miler
Kennedy, Kyle32MALE8-miler
Kenneston, Daniel32MALE8-miler
Kentera, Cathi52FEMALE5k
Knapp, Melanie37FEMALE8-miler
Kothe, Luke44MALE8-miler
Kothe, Misty42FEMALE8-miler
Kowalski, Lauren12FEMALE5k
Kowalski, Lindsey44FEMALE5k
Kowalski, Todd47MALE5k
Koweek, Annette59FEMALE5k
Kozachik, Ann66FEMALE8-miler
Kuhn, Thomas70MALE8-miler
Kujat, Adam47MALE8-miler
Kuker, Jenni48FEMALE8-miler
Kushnir, Michelle50FEMALE8-miler
LaBelle, Megan36FEMALE8-miler
LaBelle, Tyler36MALE8-miler
Lachin, Cindy63FEMALE5k
LaCombe, Whitney35FEMALE8-miler
Lai, Kwok35MALE8-miler
LaMantia, Lisa59FEMALE5k
lamb, dave74MALE8-miler
Lancaster, Joseph60MALE5k
Lancaster, Laury56FEMALE5k
Lapierre, Amelia14FEMALE8-miler
Larson, Mark59MALE8-miler
Leadon, Elizabeth43FEMALE8-miler
Leal, Aaron40MALE5k
Lefebvre, Melissa39FEMALE8-miler
Lefebvre, Tate38MALE8-miler
Lehman, Adam58MALE8-miler
Lentzer, Dollar Bill8-miler
LeRoy, Brian45MALE8-miler
Levengood, Briana17FEMALE8-miler
Lieberman, Chrissy49FEMALE5k
Liederer, Richard64MALE8-miler
Limon, Josue45MALE8-miler
Liston, James59MALE8-miler
Locke, Robert55MALE8-miler
Loewen, Michael43MALE8-miler
Loiero, Matteo24MALE8-miler
Lopez, ConnieFEMALE8-miler
Loughrey, Eileen68FEMALE8-miler
Lovato-Daley, Sierra26FEMALE8-miler
Loza, Wesley23MALE8-miler
Lozano, Luis35MALE8-miler
Lubis, Billie29FEMALE8-miler
Luft, Julie60FEMALE8-miler
luquette, chad54MALE5k
Lyon, Jessica45FEMALE8-miler
Macaluso, Gina61FEMALE5k
Mack, Curtis58MALE5k
Magana, Marjanne45FEMALE8-miler
Maher, Jaxon15MALE5k
Maher, Rebecca45FEMALE5k
Malcolmson, Larry73MALE8-miler
Malecky, Lisa34FEMALE8-miler
Manch, Richard78MALE8-miler
Mancini, Sarah31FEMALE8-miler
Martin, Monet47FEMALE8-miler
Martinez, Javier21MALE8-miler
mathewson, amber57FEMALE5k
Matsushino, Karen68FEMALE5k
McArthur, Guy51MALE8-miler
McArthur, John56MALE8-miler
McGhee, Michelle36FEMALE5k
McLean, John66MALE8-miler
mcminn, cari49FEMALE8-miler
McQuillen, Morgen27MALE8-miler
Mcspadden, Doug62MALE5k
McVay, Darryl61MALE5k
Medina, Fernando48MALE8-miler
Medina, Jennnifer62FEMALE8-miler
Mensch, Leah23FEMALE8-miler
Meyer, Brian40MALE8-miler
Milbrandt, Marcy46FEMALE8-miler
Miles, James37MALE8-miler
Miller, Em36FEMALE5k
Miller, Keri51FEMALE8-miler
Miller, Marc41MALE8-miler
Miller, Michael48MALE8-miler
Minish, AMy36FEMALE5k
Minish, Neill38MALE5k
Minor, Kevin40MALE8-miler
Mittal, Anne32FEMALE5k
Mollenkopf, Sierra27FEMALE8-miler
Molomot, Lisa51FEMALE5k
Monson, Ander47MALE8-miler
Mora, Liz40FEMALE8-miler
Morales, Vanessa41FEMALE8-miler
Motes, Keith42MALE8-miler
Motz, Martin25MALE8-miler
Mueller, Barbara44FEMALE8-miler
Munoz, Mariely37FEMALE5k
Murphy, MarkMALE8-miler
Murray, Thomas46MALE8-miler
mydosh, jennifer24FEMALE8-miler
Nelson, Paula63FEMALE8-miler
Newberg, William18MALE5k
Newhall, Jonathan36MALE5k
O’Brien, Tim48MALE8-miler
O’Callaghan, Mike69MALE8-miler
O’Donnell, Kate37FEMALE5k
O’Neil, Liam31MALE8-miler
Ochart, Midge75FEMALE5k
Odell, William55MALE5k
Oleson, Brit34FEMALE8-miler
Orr, Dena69FEMALE5k
Orr, James70MALE5k
Osgood, Jeanne Missey66FEMALE8-miler
Palmer, Rae32FEMALE8-miler
Paradis, Brian38MALE8-miler
Parkhill, Lewis78MALE8-miler
Patterson, Emily44FEMALE5k
Pavlikowski, Claire30FEMALE8-miler
Pavlikowski, Jeff31MALE8-miler
Payne, Cara40FEMALE8-miler
Peachey, Sharon63FEMALE8-miler
Pedroza, Karina34FEMALE8-miler
Pemberton, Bart53MALE8-miler
Petersen, Anika14FEMALE5k
Petersen, Isaac16MALE5k
Petersen, Jeff49MALE5k
Petersen, Stephanie49FEMALE5k
Petrick, Emily35FEMALE5k
Pfaff, Lara36FEMALE5k
Phillips, Allan43MALE8-miler
Pierson, Donna71FEMALE8-miler
Preslik, John39MALE8-miler
Preston, Miranda36FEMALE8-miler
Prevenas, Kelly38FEMALE8-miler
Prevenas, Nicholas40MALE8-miler
Proctor, Katharine41FEMALE8-miler
Qashu, Julie51FEMALE5k
Rabe, Andrew31MALE8-miler
Ramiller, Stacia45FEMALE8-miler
Reaves, Pattie37FEMALE8-miler
Reddoch, Laura36FEMALE8-miler
Reece, Dawn60FEMALE8-miler
Reilly, Lisa53FEMALE8-miler
Reilly, Richard55MALE5k
renger, jirina43FEMALE8-miler
Resnick, Erin49FEMALE8-miler
Rettenmaier, Penny56FEMALE8-miler
Rezetko, Robert54MALE8-miler
Ribbeck, Elizabeth48FEMALE8-miler
Riley, Kate64FEMALE5k
Riley, Randi40FEMALE5k
Rivera, Jabdiel16MALE8-miler
Robillia, Paul85MALE8-miler
Rodriguez, Alexander49MALE8-miler
Rogers, John72MALE8-miler
Rogers, Rhett48MALE8-miler
Rojas, Elsa56FEMALE8-miler
Romano, Don80MALE5k
Romero, Ariella45FEMALE8-miler
Rosario, Christopher33MALE8-miler
Rosen, Neil69MALE8-miler
Ross, Michelle45FEMALE8-miler
Rousch, Carolyn36FEMALE8-miler
Ruffino, Miranda38FEMALE8-miler
Salazar, laura38FEMALE5k
Saleska, Scott59MALE5k
Sanchez, Michele59FEMALE8-miler
Sanchez, Samantha29FEMALE8-miler
Sanchez, Steve52MALE8-miler
Sandberg, Michelle47FEMALE8-miler
Sandison, Christopher49MALE8-miler
Santa Cruz, Frank49MALE8-miler
Saufferer, Scott58MALE5k
Saunders, Lawrence68MALE5k
Savage-Peckham, Heather52FEMALE5k
Savage, Benjamin16MALE5k
Schick, Kailee36FEMALE5k
Schissel, Jennifer36FEMALE8-miler
Schlink, Lisa44FEMALE8-miler
Schmitter, Nikolaus41MALE8-miler
Schnell, CynthiaFEMALE8-miler
Schnitzer, Caitlin31FEMALE8-miler
Schnitzer, Patricia63FEMALE8-miler
Schnitzer, Sue67FEMALE8-miler
SCHOLES, Rachel54FEMALE8-miler
Scholes, Richard54MALE8-miler
Schuschke, Wendy42FEMALE8-miler
Scott, Celia38FEMALE8-miler
Scott, Meagan42FEMALE8-miler
Seltzer, Ryan47MALE8-miler
Senner, Michelle45FEMALE8-miler
Shaw, Derek52MALE8-miler
Sherman, Scott59MALE8-miler
Silverwind, Mary63FEMALE5k
Simon, VanessaFEMALE8-miler
Sjoblom, Trisha46FEMALE5k
Skaehill, Penny58FEMALE8-miler
Skattie, Doug66MALE5k
Smith, Abel47MALE8-miler
Smith, Douglas42MALE8-miler
smith, preston43MALE8-miler
Snook, Jose47MALE8-miler
Sobrinho Trainor, Isa30FEMALE5k
Sommerville, Kate51FEMALE8-miler
Soto, Carlos40MALE8-miler
Spaeth, Vianella29FEMALE8-miler
Spencer, Amanda43FEMALE8-miler
Standley, Sarah43FEMALE5k
Standley, Sean43MALE5k
stein, ilyssa20FEMALE5k
Steiner, Stephen26MALE8-miler
Stelly, Aaron38MALE8-miler
Stensrud, Kelsey32FEMALE5k
Stewart, Ashley36FEMALE8-miler
Stine, Laura37FEMALE8-miler
Stone, Luke37MALE8-miler
Sutherland, David35MALE5k
Sweat, Stephen46MALE8-miler
Tackett, Jason44MALE8-miler
Taylor, Daniel41MALE5k
Taylor, Lauren31FEMALE5k
Thrush, Jamie39FEMALE5k
Tobias, Brandon33MALE5k
Todd, Thomas53MALE8-miler
Torres, Abigail36FEMALE5k
Torres, Lilliana14FEMALE5k
Torres, Raul42MALE8-miler
Torres, Ricardo36MALE8-miler
Torres, Tyona42FEMALE5k
Torrisi, Michael35MALE8-miler
Toth, Leland8FEMALE5k
Toth, Marissa37FEMALE5k
Toth, Michael41MALE5k
Troche, Jim74MALE8-miler
Truong, Emily44FEMALE8-miler
Tucker, Ashlyn21FEMALE8-miler
Turner, Romya42FEMALE8-miler
Tyner, Audrey32FEMALE8-miler
Udayasankar, Unni46MALE8-miler
Ugalde, Brenda27FEMALE5k
Ugalde, Brody26MALE5k
Vasquez, Jose29MALE5k
Velasquez, Suzanne59FEMALE8-miler
Velazquez, Orlando45MALE8-miler
Villaran, Riva27FEMALE8-miler
Vondracek, Jesse40MALE8-miler
Voss, John46MALE8-miler
Vujasinovic, Ellen45FEMALE8-miler
Vujasinovic, Marina14FEMALE5k
Walker, Ivy51FEMALE8-miler
Walkosak, Anthony48MALE8-miler
Walsh, Michele58FEMALE8-miler
Warhadpande, Devdutta39MALE8-miler
Weaver, Garrett33MALE8-miler
Welch, Jean62FEMALE8-miler
Wild, Matthew50MALE5k
Wilson, Kathy48FEMALE8-miler
Wilson, Richard60MALE8-miler
Wise, John74MALE8-miler
Wolert, Jennifer46FEMALE8-miler
wolfgang, sherry55FEMALE8-miler
Wood, Ethan31MALE8-miler
Wright, Caitlin29FEMALE8-miler
Wright, Jeremiah38MALE8-miler
Yarwood, Michael20MALE8-miler
Yates, Paulette32FEMALE8-miler
Yates, Paulina35FEMALE8-miler
Youmans, Adele69FEMALE8-miler
Zavala, David62MALE8-miler
Zawadzki, Jeffrey40MALE8-miler

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