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Run Tucson’s 2021 TMC Trail Challenge

Run Tucson's TMC Trail Challenge

February 21, 2021

Any trail, anywhere
Tucson, AZ US 85745
Celebrate the great outdoors by running or walking on your favorite trails during our virtual trail challenge from February 21- March 7, 2021.  

For twelve years now, we’ve held an in-person event for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities at the historic Old Tucson Studios.  However, we can’t produce an in-person “TMC Sunrise at Old Tucson Trail Run” this year, so we’re changing things up!  

Traditionally, the 4 mile & 1-mile trail run at Old Tucson Studios attracts everyone from children and novice trail runners to long time runners and speedsters.  This year, all are invited to participate in Run Tucson’s TMC Trail Challenge. 


The challenge is to get out and walk or run on any trail, wherever you live.  Chair athletes are welcome to join, too!  There will be awards for the most miles, the most minutes, and the most trails visited, as well as other fun awards, like the most critters observed, best trail photo, and most inspirational trail runner. 

Once you register for the TMC Trail Challenge, you can join the group’s Facebook page where you will get access to trail reports and valuable trail tips from competitive and recreational local trail runners.  There will also be space on the group FB page for you to rate and report your trail experiences.  We hope that this event will motivate you to hit some of your favorite trails or try out new ones, and share your observations with others.

Like our other virtual events, we’ll have a Google Form for you to fill out each time you go out on the trails.  The data will be shared on our Run Tucson website at the end of each day.     


Starting on Sunday, February 21- March 7, you’ll be challenged to run or walk on as many trails as you can. 


Everyone can participate — all ages, all abilities, all those comfortable on trails, and all those new to trails.  Come one, come all!

Join the Family Challenge — we want children to get off their screens and get outside in nature, so for families of three or more, all family members receive a discounted price and all the race goodies.


Individual: $25 through the end of January, then $30.

Family Discount: $20 per person for families of three or more.


At the end of the challenge, every participant will receive a flashy pair of TMC Trail Challenge crew socks, a race sticker, and a souvenir race number.  Our race sponsor, The Running Shop, will provide random gift certificates and the other awards based on miles completed and other categories (TBD).    


Everyone in the Tucson region can simply pick up their race items at The Running Shop from March 1-March 31.  You can also spend five bucks and pay for us to mail your items directly no matter where you live.


For our purposes, a trail will be defined as any uneven, natural surface — a park path, a dirt trail, a hiking path, a nature trail in a park, and so forth.  For our chair athletes here in Tucson and Pima County, the Chuck Huckelberry Loop will count, too!


We are especially grateful to our long-time partner, the Southern Arizona Roadrunners.  You can find information on SAR programs and how to join the non-profit running club at

We are also grateful to our long-time title sponsor, Tucson Medical Center. On a personal level, TMC has been our favorite hospital ever since our daughter was born there 12 years ago — on a community level, TMC has been a leading voice for public health during this entire pandemic.  We stand in awe of their staff’s efforts at keeping our community safe.

Special thanks, too, to Cox Communications, for sponsoring our races for so many years.

Details coming soon as we manage the implications of Old Tucson’s new management.

2020 results can be found at our friends, the Southern Arizona Roadrunners

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