The Workout Group (WOG)

The Workout Group (WOG)

Running smarter, stronger and happier since 1997.

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Where:  Reid Park Baseball Fields (behind the Concert Hall):  Take Concert Hall Way into the park from Country Club, turn left on Bucky Steele Rd., follow Bucky Steele to the right until you find runners.

When:  Tuesday & Thursday nights at 6 PM.  (Warm-up jog on your own at 5:45)

Why:  The Workout Group provides athletes with a safe and fun environment for running.  Each workout is planned with the runners’ goals and abilities in mind.  Our workouts are periodized so they build on each other, increasing fitness levels consistently over time.  

Who:  All types of runners with some prior running experience are welcome to join WOG.  We have runners training for 5k’s and 50 milers (and everything in between).  Most of our athletes come for the workouts but stay because of the incredible group support and the pure joy of running hard with friends.

How:  If you would like to give WOG a try, come on out!  We like new folks to visit a few times before deciding if WOG is a good fit.  Once you have made the commitment, we ask our runners to donate $130 for the year, $75 per semester, or $25 per month.  We also offer individual coaching packages and personalized training plans (see individual coaching for more details).

Workouts:  Our workouts range from 3-6 miles in duration and include hill circuits, tempo runs, and intervals.  If you are training for a specific event, we will do our best to accommodate your needs and help you build to a peak performance.  If you are just starting to get to know your running self, we will encourage you to take your time and build gradually.  Running is a fantastic journey and we don’t want you to rush through any part of it!

Meet our RRCA Certified WOG Coaches:

Tim Bentley
Michelle Hawk
Doreen Davis
David Odom