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Trails in Tucson

We love running.  While treadmills have their place, the beauty is in celebrating the great outdoors, on a safe paved surface or on a trail of some sort.   You can walk or run on urban trails like the Loop here in Tucson, on the Bridal Paths in Central Park NYC, or on wilderness trails like the Pacific Crest Trail — or anything in between!

Here in Tucson, we have some of the most beautiful trails in the country.

Click here for a map of Tucson Mountain Park Trails and here for a map of trails at Sweetwater Preserve, both of which are on Tucson’s west side

You can visit this map of all Pima County Parks and here for a map of Pima County’s Chuck Huckelberry Loop, with paved and dirt sections perfect for chair athletes and all others

View a map of Saguaro National Park trails

More coming soon . . .

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