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Race Report #2 & Virtual Runner Results for TMC Get Moving Tucson at the Biosphere 2

Congratulations to those who completed the TMC Get Moving on their own.  We’re sorry to have missed you at the Biosphere 2, but at the same time we’re pretty impressed with your determination!  We’ve shrunk names to first name only . . . and here’s the link to the second race report for participants.

First name. Distance completed. Overall time listed in hrs:min:sec. Did you have any company on your run?  If so, who or what kept you going? Where did you run?
Alana 15K 1:37:00 N/A San Diego, CA
Amy 15K 2:24:43 Solo The loop starting at mesquite elementary
Angela 5k 45:20.3 Camino del Cerro/Tortolita area
Ann 5k 1:09:55 My husband Near our home in NE Tucson
Annemarie 15K O2:17:05 L’s the pace setter and I try to keep up! Rillito River path west from Campbell and back
Arturo 15K 1:23:12 Evans, GA
Carole 5k 51 mins 2 sec. No Old Spanish Trail
Carrie 5k 38:30:00 Nope California
Cecilia 5k 41:33:00 My Nordic Track treadmill and iFit My recreation room
Chelsea 15K 2:10:03 Mom-Valerie Daren Rillito River Walk
Chip 15K 1:46:35 No, just wildlife Sabino Canyon
Dan 5k 0:27:44 Just me Oro Valley, around home in the evening
David 5k 31:17.0 Daughter helped me with my 4:30 am run. On University of Nebraska Lincoln campus
Debbie 5k 1:08 Jim Green Valley
Debbie 15K 2:36:27 Hubby Michael Tanque Verde Wash Trail
Denise 15K 2:11:03 San Diego, CA
Elisha 5k 0:33:18 My puppies Corona de Tucson
Fred 13.17 miles 3:32:58 No. My wife met me at the finish line and bought me a beer. Idaho Falls, outskirts to Snake River Greenbelt
James 5k 1:08 Debbie Green Valley
Janice 5k 59.21 Stephanie Udall
Joan 5k 40:51:00 My friend Catherine Around Reid Park, Tucson
Joy 9.42 miles 2:02:00 No Midtown Tucson, Mtn to Rillito Loop to Tucson Blvd to Elm
Juris 15K 1:27:36  I ran alone … In the suburbs – roads, forest, trails …
Kassandra 5k 42:15:00 NW Tucson
Laurita 15K 2:16:33 My husband Rillito river path west from Campbell out and back
Le 15K 1:36:15 No Vail. Neighborhood
Marty 15K 2:09:27 Private Freestone Park 3 Loops
Melba 5k 0:50:04 Determination Sidewalk/bike path with my GPS recording the time
Michael 15K 2:36:27 Debbie Tanque Verde Wash Trail
Moanikeala 5k 28:32:00 Treadmill due to sick kids
Patrick 5k 1:09:55 My wife. Near our home in NE Tucson.
Paula 5k 51:16:00 Will to complete distance Green Valley
Rachael 5k 0:56:42 no Tucson, AZ
Robert 15K 2:48:00 My wife and she always beats me Rillito river path west from Campbell out and back
Rodrigo 13.1 Miles 1:57:34 I ran with Fernando. My main goal was to finish this half marathon in less than 2 hours! On the Loop. Started on Broadway and Pantano next to Home Depot and ran south towards Valencia and ran back. I recorded my time and speed via Strava( In case you guys need it)
Ryan 15K 1:24:56 Payan Fort Huachuca
Thom 5k 50:04:00 My wife Melba Neighborhood
Valerie 15K 2 H 37 M My daughter. Rillito Wash Campbell to Craycroft and back
Woody 21k 2:26:39 No Tucson neighborhood streets and parks

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