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Why Tia and Randy started TMC Meet Me Downtown

Click here for the story of why we started the TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k Night Run 18 years ago . . .

Hello to Run Tucson folks. We’re writing this exactly three weeks from the June 1st TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k. Three weeks from today we’ll be at the Children’s Museum in Downtown Tucson, setting up the barricades, hanging banners, and getting ready to host 2000 runners and walkers at the 18th Annual TMC Meet Me Downtown 5k.

18 years. Jeeze Louise, but that’s a long time and we’re grateful to the¬†Southern Arizona Roadrunners¬†running club for all the hard work on this event over the years — and we’re grateful to the thousands and thousands of runners and walkers who have joined us on hot Saturday nights.

Our primary goal with this event is to bring people together to celebrate physical health, mental wellness, and the wonderful community that makes up Tucson and Southern Arizona.

None of that was the original goal 18 years ago . . . back then we just wanted to throw a party.

Let me explain.

Way back when, Tia and I went to see the Lion King at the Convention Center and thought we could get dinners and drinks afterwards — unfortunately, it seemed like everything was closed Downtown and there was really nothing to do.

This mediocre date night led us to think about throwing a party for runners and walkers.

We chose early June with the idea that Tucson is kind of boring at that time of year — no UofA, no local sports, no monsoons — just the beginnings of relentless summer heat….

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