WOG Workout for the Week of March 25

Tuesday Speed Workout (on your own)
The Middle Workout
By distance:
1 Mile @ Tempo pace + 800 easy +
2 x 800 @ 10K pace + 400 easy after each + 1 Mile @ Tempo pace.
By time:
8 min. @ Tempo + 4 min. easy +
2 x 4 min. @ 10K + 2 min. easy after each + 8 min. @ Tempo.
Goal: Stay strong in the middle “mile” which is split into 2 x 800. The middle of a race or workout is often the toughest mentally.
Skill Builder Workout (on your own)
Form Focus
Warm-up: 1-2 mi.
Form drills: A Skip/ A Run, B Skip/ B Run, C skip/ C run, D skip/ D run. Do each drill to a count of 30 (15 on each leg). Then easy jog back to start. Video below.
Cool down: 1-2 mi.
If you want, you can include form drills into your warm-up before your workout or use them as a stand alone workout.
Form tips:
  • Keep tall spine, shoulders over hips.
  • Eye gaze straight, chin neutral
  • Running arms, 90 degree elbows
  • Hands in loose fists, move from sternum to hips, thrust elbows back.
Thursday Threshold Workout (on your own)
4 Mile Madness
Join in the Running Shop’s Spring Madness Challenge
Run 4 miles @ Tempo effort or split it into 2 x 2 miles with a little rest between. Then send your results to the Running Shop to be entered in the raffle. Visit @therunningshopaz for more details.
Get in at least 1-2 miles of warm-up before you challenge yourself and 1-2 miles cool down after.
Goal: Maintain a steady effort for 4 miles. If you want to try using heart rate instead of pace or effort, focus on maintaining a HR of 150-160 during your tempo miles. If you have a naturally low HR, you’ll be closer to 150 and if you have a high HR you’ll be closer to 160. If it’s higher than 160, you’re probably going too fast.
Skill Builder Workout (on your own)
Stride/ Cadence Focus
Warm-up: 1-2 mi.
Wall drill: Stand at arms length away from wall, run vigorously using high knee action while pushing against the wall with slight bend in elbows. Keep your spine straight and body angle about 45 degrees. This drill helps you practice a powerful leg drive from the hip and mid-foot striking. Do 3 x 10 sec. Video below.
Strides: Mimicking the leg drive and foot strike from the wall drill, do 6 x 20 second strides. Easy jog back to start.
Gradually build speed/power so you finish faster than you start each stride. Best done on grass.
You can include strides into your warm-up before a workout or use them as a stand alone workout.
Cool down: 1-2 miles.

March Plan: Stay Well

Zoom Training Talk: “Calming Down and Motivating Up.”
Thursday, April 2, at 7 PM
It was so nice to see you (and your fur babies) last week via Zoom. This Thursday at 7 PM, Michelle Hawk and I will host a WOG training talk centered around strategies that can calm and motivate at the same time. We want to share some tips and tricks that have gotten us through rough patches over the years. The format for Thursday’s Zoom talk will be a structured talk for the first 20 minutes, with time for discussion and sharing during the second 20 minutes. Please join us if you still have space on your Zoom calendar. Here is the Zoom Link you’ll need to access the talk.
Let me know what you think. Your feedback is always welcome!

WOG Training Calendar

One strategy for staying on top of life is having a schedule. My schedule is all out of whack these days and it’s throwing me off balance. If you don’t already have a training schedule, here is one I made for the month of April. You can download it or print it out if physically marking the days off helps you stay motivated.

We’d love to stay connected through FB and Instagram! We’ll post videos discussing each workout to our WOGGER Facebook page and the Run Tucson Instagram account.
In return, we’d love to see evidence that you completed your Tuesday & Thursday effort sessions! You can post a selfie on FB or Instagram (#workoutgroup, #woggersgonnawog, #solomiles, #runtucson,) or send us a short email ( recapping your week. A little accountability never hurts.
The Tucson Runner Aid Community (TRAC) is strong. If you are able to help others, think you might need help, or just want to stay connected during these uncertain times, please take a moment to complete this questionnaire. Thank you, Tim & Robin.
March Events
Zoom Training Talk
Thursday, April 2, 7:00 PM
The Running Shop’s
Spring Madness Challenge
Anyone brand new to WOG, can register online
starting March 15 for a reduced “half semester” price.
WOG Mission
The Workout Group’s mission is to build a strong and healthy running community by supporting runners’ diverse needs and goals through periodized training blocks, purposeful workouts, training and recovery tips, supplemental training advice, races, social runs and plenty of post-run milk and cookies.

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